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Metallic Mini Key Ring Torch Alarm (Purple)

Metallic Mini Key Ring Torch Alarm (Purple)

Product Code: MKT001S
One of our best selling Alarms due to its small size and ear piercing 140db siren. Finished in an ultra trendy Metallic Purple. Unlike many Key-ring Alarms this model has a separate Alarm cord to the Key-ring which avoids false activation.

- Small size with the designer look appealing to younger Employees
- (40mm x 60mm x 12mm)
- Pull Pin Activation
- 140 Decibel Siren
- Added Torch Facility
- Alkaline Batteries Included
- 5 Year Warranty
- Separate Key-Ring

This Minder Range are Secured by Design Approved (Police Preferred Specification) and have also been independently tested by Sold Secure, receiving the Gold Award. Our Minder range have 6 different personal alarms with these accreditations. You will not find any other brand of Personal Alarm with this level of endorsement. Be assured that when you buy a 'MINDER' you are choosing a product with the highest standards. 'RELY ON THE BEST'.





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5.40 (1 to 9 items) 4.20 (10 to 49 items) 3.78 (50 to 99 items) 3.42 (100 or more items)

Minder Bell Accessories (Hot Pink)

Minder Bell Accessories (Hot Pink)

Introducing the latest must have security product which has a multitude of uses.

The Minder Bell Accessory is a pair of trendy bells with an easy to fix lobster clip. The Bell Accessories come in 10 ultra cool colours to suit all ages and demographics.

The Bell Accessories are in the following colours.

Hot Pink
Baby Pink

Minder Bell Accessories can be attached to Purses, Wallets, Handbags, Mobile Phones and any personal belongings. Should anyone attempt to lift the item, the bells will jingle to alert the owner to a potential theft. Minder Bell Accessories are also very popular amongst young people and children and are a great stocking filler. Whilst they are fantastic to hand out to the elderly. The perfect product for all ages.

The Minder Bell Accessories are also a great problem solving tool for Crime Prevention/Community Safety Officers as they address numerous crimes and issues

Purse Theft
Personal Safety
Street Crime
Anti Bullying
Mobile Phone Theft
etc, etc.

Please watch and share our video for Minder Bell Accessories.

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1.98 (1 to 1 items) 1.86 (2 to 4 items) 1.74 (5 to 9 items) 1.62 (10 to 19 items) 1.50 (20 to 49 items) 1.14 (50 to 99 items) 0.78 (100 or more items)

Minder Activ Reflectors - Purple (TWINPACK)

Minder Activ Reflectors - Purple (TWINPACK)

Introducing the latest Hi-Vis product which is set to replace old fashioned Hi Vis vests and clothing as the number one Road Safety Product.

Activ Reflectors come in 4 different colours (Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple) and include a reflective strip to make sure you can "Be safe and Be seen".
- EXCEPTIONALLY REFLECTIVE: 360° reflectivity and visibility in any weather condition at any time with premium reflective materiel
- VERSATILE: High visibility for any outdoor activity such as running, cycling, walking and horseriding. Perfect for school children and parents with toddlers. Also ideal as an addition to safety gear for traffic/construction workers.
- EASY TO USE: Features a strong Velcro. Perfect fit for most ankles or arms, but can also be wrapped around wrists, legs, bike wheels, dog's attire & more.
- COMFORTABLE FIT: Stays in place and won't interfere with body movement. Elastic and lightweight for an easy fit over outdoor clothing etc.

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5.40 (1 to 2 items) 4.79 (3 to 4 items) 4.20 (5 to 9 items) 3.78 (10 to 19 items) 3.54 (20 or more items)

Minder Sports Ball Alarm - Football

Minder Sports Ball Alarm - Football

Introducing the latest must have Personal Attack Alarm ideal for the younger generation but suitable for all ages. The Minder Sports Ball Alarm is designed in 4 different Sports. Football, Tennis, Basketball and Baseball.

Fitted with an easily attached G-Clip, the alarm can be clipped to any Bag, Rucksack, Handbag or Clothing. It has a separate pull pin activation which sets off a 125 siren. Most importantly with the addition of the Alarms On/Off switch the Minder Sports Ball Alarm can be switched off when not required. This could be when in School, College or Work. Therefore avoiding any embarrassing false activation at all times.

Also ideal as an anti bullying device.

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5.99 (1 to 2 items) 5.46 (3 to 4 items) 5.22 (5 to 9 items) 4.74 (10 to 19 items) 4.14 (20 to 49 items) 3.54 (50 or more items)

Silicon LED Bike Light Set

Silicon LED Bike Light Set

A new product which ensures cyclists are well seen by motorists.

This super bright, water resistant LED light set is the best selling Bike Light available today.
Supplied as a set with 1 red and 1 white unit, the flexible silicone band is ideal for attaching to bikes, bags, helmets etc.

Features include :

-Integreted clipping, easy to install and fit
-Water resistant
-Flexible silicon body
-Single button operation
-3 Modes: flash/ slow flash/steady
-Increase the safety of cycling


Powered by: 2 x CR2032 Batteries (Included)
Dimensions: 90mm(L) x 31mm(W) x 30mm(D)

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4.74 (1 to 2 items) 4.38 (3 to 4 items) 3.96 (5 to 9 items) 3.54 (10 to 19 items) 3.00 (20 or more items)

Minder Accessorise Alarm - Metallic Pink

Minder Accessorise Alarm - Metallic Pink

Many women do not carry Personal Alarms because they are either too bulky or not aesthetically appealing. Therefore we have introduced the new Minder Accessorise Alarm.

The Accessorise Alarm is designed as a small Metallic Heart Trinket which attaches to Handbags with its tiny G-Clip. The Accessorise Alarm has the practical feature of an ON/OFF switch so the Alarm can be switched off when necessary (At work, college etc). It also features a captive pin so the Alarm can be activated to set off its 125db siren and the pin is easily replaced to be deactivated.

Available in 5 stylish Metallic colours. Black, Gold, Pink, Red and Silver.

Size: 64mm x 55mm x 12mm. Chain Length: 200mm

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10.74 (1 to 2 items) 9.90 (3 to 4 items) 8.94 (5 to 9 items) 7.74 (10 to 19 items) 6.54 (20 or more items)

Multi Buy MA30 Mini PIR Alarm and External Siren

Multi Buy MA30 Mini PIR Alarm and External Siren

The Multi Buy MA30 Mini PIR and External Siren comprises of the MA30 Mini PIR alarm with Remote Control, together, with the ES15 external siren. Both products emit a 130dB siren when the PIR is activated.

The above products are suitable for Garden Shed, Garage and Out building Security.


* Powerful 130dB siren

* Infra red remote control with programmable switch

* Supplied with wall mounting rotary bracket (MA20)

* Exit delay 30 seconds

* Entry delay 4 seconds

* Auto reset function to avoid false alarms

* Supplied with alkaline batteries

* Low battery indicator

* Size: 65 x 158 x 38mm

* External siren supplied with 10 metres of anti tamper cable.

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28.74 (1 to 2 items) 24.60 (3 to 11 items) 23.40 (12 or more items)

Stylish Card Minder - Tube Lines

Stylish Card Minder - Tube Lines

Following the enormous success of the Card Minder, gaining national media coverage and global sales. We have now introduced 12 Stylish versions to cater for everyones specific style.

In recent times with the introduction of contactless payment, thieves are adapting to come up with new methods to steal your personal data and information. On most new credit or debit cards you will have a wireless symbol which informs you that your card uses RFID technology, this allows you to simply swipe your card at designated machines to make a payment. This is a much easier way of paying, however it comes with security risks, as a criminal could create a RFID reader with minimal effort and steal your details.

There are also possibilities of wireless transactions being completed accidentally or duplicated.

You can prevent most of these things happening however with the Card Minder - the aluminum credit card pouch can fit inside your wallet/purse and can prevent your data from being stolen. Furthermore the Card Minder could prevent two contactless cards in the same wallet/purse being billed simultaneously. Ideal to place in any wallet or purse.

The Card Minder has the following features :-

Includes RFID blocking technology to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.
Fits easily in wallet card slot or in a purse.
Low cost for mass distribution.
Lightweight to carry.
Suitable for a range of cards.

This product protects the following type of contactless cards:

All payment cards
Student IDs
Transit cards such as Oyster
ID cards
Access cards operating on frequency 13,56 MHz

Can prevent:-

False Payments
Unauthorised Payments
Duplicate Payments
Using the incorrect card to make wireless payment
False transactions on Oyster Cards

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2.39 (1 to 1 items) 2.15 (2 to 4 items) 1.55 (5 to 9 items) 1.19 (10 to 49 items) 0.83 (50 or more items)

Card Minder Platinum - Make your whole wallet RFID secure  (No Need for Sleeves)
Card Minder Platinum - Make your whole wallet RFID secure  (No Need for Sleeves) - view 1Card Minder Platinum - Make your whole wallet RFID secure  (No Need for Sleeves) - view 2Card Minder Platinum - Make your whole wallet RFID secure  (No Need for Sleeves) - view 3
Card Minder Platinum - Make your whole wallet RFID secure (No Need for Sleeves)
(RRP: 11.95)

Price: (1 - 1 units) 4.50
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Price: (2 - 4 units) 4.25
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Price: (5 - 9 units) 3.99
(Excluding VAT at 20%)

Price: (10 units +) 3.25
(Excluding VAT at 20%)


From the Card Minder Range of RFID Products
Tried and Tested and featured on BBC TV's Rip Off Britain

We are proud to launch


A simple single card solution for protecting an entire wallet or purse from RFID Fraud.

The Card Minder Platinum has the following benefits :-

NO NEED TO BUY A NEW WALLET - There is no need to buy a new RFID blocking wallet or purse, you can simply place a Card Minder Platinum RFID blocking card in your wallet/purse and your surrounding contactless cards are 100% secure. If scanned, the card will draw energy from the scanner and create a disruptive field.

TOTAL PASSIVE PROTECTION - No batteries required, no fiddly sleeves, no hassle or fuss. By using the Card Minder Platinum RFID blocking card "be assured you are protected".

BE SECURE - Criminals can buy Card scanners very cheaply online, this makes it possible for fraud to occur. Keep your financial information and identity secure.

EASY FIT - The Card Minder Platinum is the same size as a standard credit card, therefore, will fit in any wallet or purse, however, it is slightly thicker at 1.2mm vs 0.76mm, this is due to the internal circuitry.

How the Card Minder Platinum RFID Blocking card works :-

If your cards are contactless they hold information within a chip, this chip also contains an antenna that picks up power from a signal sent out by a card reader. A card reader and contactless cards are then able to communicate on a 13.56MHz radio wave signal when in close proximity.

This is perfect for convenience but not so good if a criminal has scanning device
Fortunately, there is a very simple way to keep your identity and information secure: The Card Minder Platinum RFID Blocking Card

Simply place one card in your wallet and all surrounding cards are protected.

How It Works

The Card Minder Platinum RFID Blocking card works by drawing power from the scanner and emitting a counter-signal to jam the communication, this protects the surrounding cards within a 2.5cm radius from remote scanning.

How can I prove it works?

You can test it yourself!

The easiest way is at a self checkout at a supermarket. When you make payment place the Card Minder Platinum blocking card on the top or bottom of your payment card and place on the contactless reader.

Your contactless card will not be recognised or it will throw an error message.

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